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A Visual Editor for LF2 Data Files
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UPDATE UPDATE Jun 11, 2018


LF2 Integrated Development Environment

This program lets you modify LF2 data files in an intuitive way with nice visual helper tools

So what exactly LF2 is?

It's a 2D fighting game that made by Marti Wong & Starsky Wong. See Official Website

Little Fighter 2 has received significant recognition and popularity since its initial release. Being the most sophisticated 2D fighting game ever built, LF2 is also extremely customizable with its data file architecture. Over the years, numerous modifications have been made, ranged from spriting, data changing to exe editing. A vast amount of related work, including comics, animations and novels, have been created by thousands of people from all over the world, creating a strong and truly amazing community.

What LF2 IDE does with the game?

As the LF2 game is incredibly extensible that you can change the whole game as you wish - unless you want to change game logic itself, as the source code of LF2 is closed you need some hex editing and assembly programming skills for that. You can edit game characters, weapons, levels, even create your own ones and add them to the game, you can create your own story and at last, an outstanding LF2 -based mod if you advance DCing techniques. All these are a lot easier thanks to LF2 IDE.

Why would I need this to edit the game?

Because the data files are encrypted and you would probably don't want to do these yourself:

  • Decrypt data files to a plain text file
  • Open it
  • Edit as you wish
  • Encrypt it back

LF2 IDE makes data editing straight forward, automates the process where ever possible, provides useful visual tools that make your life easier and reduces the need of frequently executing the game to see if things are pixel perfect.

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