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Version 1.6.b5
+ Fix some wrong variable names thanks to wummel (
Version 1.6.b4
+ Fixed droplet creation bug
+ Improved docs
Version 1.6.b3
+ Fixed http methods for droplets
+ Change edit_domain_record method name
+ Ability to install with easy_install without error (thanks to Adam PAPAI)
Version 1.6.b1
+ Updated code to support full api
+ Improved comments for methods
+ Some refactor
Version 0.1.6
+ Python 3 compatibility thanks to Sambodson (
Version 0.1.5
+ Updated API
Version 0.1.4
+ Added virtio parameter to create_droplet method
+ Minor fixes in all_ssh_keys method
+ Readme region example now uses to_json() method
Version 0.1.3
+ Added ssh_keys support to Droplet object (thanks to Derek:
Version 0.1.2
+ Added ip_address to Droplet object (thanks to Derek:
Version 0.1.1
+ Added support for requests 1.x (thanks to Luke:
Version 0.1.0
+ Initial release