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A simple demo application showing wms browsing and wfs editing, created from during a training
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The intention of this project is to show a simple example for an application created from

Building on Windows

The build file is made for Unix based systems that have ssh installed. To make the build work on Windows, you have to use the Windows specific build file. To do so, run the following commands on the Windows console:

rename build.xml build.xml.unix
rename build.xml

Debug Mode

Loads all scripts uncompressed.

ant init
ant debug

This will give you an application available at http://localhost:8080/ by default. You only need to run ant init once (or any time dependencies change).

To run the application under a different port (e.g. 9080), use

ant debug -Dapp.port=9080

To use any GeoServer instance, e.g. http://localhost:8080/geoserver, use

ant debug -Dapp.port=9080 -Dapp.proxy.geoserver=http://localhost:8080/geoserver

Prepare App for Deployment

To create a servlet run the following:


The servlet will be assembled in the build directory.

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