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@@ -59,16 +59,16 @@ Device Configuration
Once you have LedFx running it's time to add devices! Once you have a device setup with appropriate firmware for integration to LedFx nagivate the the 'Device Management' page and click the '+' in the bottom right. Add the device using the following configuration based on your firmware:

`ESPixelStick <>`_
* `ESPixelStick <>`_

- Add the device as a E1.31 device. The default E1.31 settings should work fine.

`Scott's Audio Reactive Firmware <>`_
* `Scott's Audio Reactive Firmware <>`_

- Add the device as a UDP
- Click 'Additional Properties' and check 'Include Indexes'

`WLED <>`_
* `WLED <>`_

- Enabled E1.31 support from the WLED web-interface
- Add the device as an E1.31 device

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