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A work-in-progress app built with Angular 2 & TypeScript
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Angular2 Flashcard App

A basic Angular2 app written with TypeScript and Sass. Users can view flashcard questions, click to reveal answers, and paginate forward and backward through cards.


Install Dependencies

Clone or fork this repo, run npm install from the directory, then run npm start, and you're all set! A local server will be started at port 3000.

Compile styles

`$ sass --watch css/src/site.scss:css/dist/styles.css

Go nuts!

I chose to set up my flashcard content around photography, but you could easily change the questions and answers to whatever you'd like to study. Here's the schema for a card:

	word: "reticent",
	definition: "tightlipped, not prone to saying much, reluctant",
	example: "Paul was reticent and preferred observing others mannerisms."
Also check out

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