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Circle Button Menu for Xamarin.Forms

A Circle Button Menu Control for Xamarin.Forms


  • Available on NuGet: NuGet
  • Install into your PCL/.NET Standard and Client Projects


Platform Support

CircleButtonMenu is available for use in the following supported platforms.

Platform Supported Version
Xamarin.Android Yes API 23 +
Xamarin.iOS Yes iOS 10 +

Demo Demo-Circle


iOS and Android####

Initialize the renderer in the AppDelegate (iOS) and MainActivity (Android)



Add the namespace in the xmlns:


Add the control:

<controls:CircleButtonMenu FillColor="Black"
                           ItemsSource="{Binding Controls}"
                           IndexSelected="{Binding ControlSelected}" />

View Model:

public IEnumerable<string> Controls = new [] { "resource1", "resource2" };
public ICommand ControlSelected = new Command(() => /* do something */ );

Bindable Properties

Property Description Default Value Version
FillColor Gets or Sets the fill color for the circle. Color.Black v1.0.9
StrokeColor Gets or Sets the circle border color Color.Black v1.0.9
OpenImageSource Gets or Sets the open menu ImageSource null v1.0.9
CloseImageSource Gets or Sets the close menu ImageSource null v1.0.9
ItemsSource Gets or Sets the menu buttons null v1.0.9
IndexSelected Gets or Sets the command for IndexSelected null v1.0.9
Direction Gets or Sets the direction the controls will flyout in Up Preview
Flow Gets or Sets the flow of the controls, ex: Snake Expand Preview

Created By: @Andrew_Hoefling


The MIT License (MIT) see License File

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