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A WordPress plugin which, in addtion to Featured Images, adds Featured Video capabilities.
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Featured Video Plus - WordPress Plugin

Add Featured Videos to your posts and pages. Works like magic with most themes which use Featured Images. Local Media, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion.



A picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a video worth?

This plugin enables you to define Featured Videos, which, if set, take the place of Featured Images. There are three ways to get the videos onto your page:

  1. If your theme already makes use of Featured Images, these will in most themes automatically be replaced by your Featured Videos if available. Alternatively you can
  2. insert the [featured-video-plus]-Shortcode in your posts or
  3. manually make use of the PHP functions in your theme's source files.

Beside your Local Videos (mp4, webM & ogg/ogv) you can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. If you miss a certain video platform: Leave me a note. For YouTube and Dailymotion the plugin also features time-links.

The plugin adds customization options to your Media Settings. Beside aesthetic individualizations for each video platform's player you can turn off automatic integration, turn on autoplay, define your Dailymotion Syndication Key and tweak video sizing. By default videos try to dynamically fit their parent containers width. Take a look at Settings -> Media.


[featured-video-plus width=300]

PHP functions

the_post_video( $size )
has_post_video( $post_id )
get_the_post_video( $post_id, $size )
get_the_post_video_url( $post_id )
get_the_post_video_image_url( $post_id )
get_the_post_video_image( $post_id )

All parameters are optional. If no $post_id is given the current post's ID will be used. $size is either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large or full) or a 2-item array representing width and height in pixels, e.g. array(560,320).


1.6.1: 2013-04-18

  • Fixed removing featured image when no featured video is specified (*)

1.6: 2013-04-16

  • Added get_the_post_video_url($post_id) PHP-Function
  • Added YouTube enablejsapi parameter with playerapiid (fvpid + $post_id) and iframe id (*
  • Added a filter for get_the_post_video: get_the_post_video_filter (*
  • Added option for using the featured image as video thumbnail for local videos
  • Fixed local videoJS (*)
  • Fixed auto width and height for the Dailymotion and videoJS players
  • Fixed YouTube videos for which the plugin cannot access the YouTube API (*)

1.5.1: 2013-03-27

  • Fixed Featured Video box on new-post.php
  • Enhanced Featured Image ajax behavior

1.5: 2013-03-22

  • AJAXified the Featured Video box - just like Featured Images
  • Added options for a) disabling VideoJS JS/CSS, b) enabling VideoJS CDN and c) YouTube wmode
  • Plugin no longer breaks WP image editor (*)

1.4: 2013-03-15

  • WP 3.5 Media Manager seamless integrated
  • Time-links now available for YouTube and Dailymotion (append #t###1m2s)
  • New autoplay setting
  • Specify your Dailymotion Syndication Key
  • Added get_the_post_video_image & get_the_post_video_image_url
  • Local videos no longer break when domain changes or attachment is edited
  • Better Featured Image handling

1.3: 2013-01-16

  • Internationalization: Added German translations
  • Added customizations for YouTube and Dailymotion
  • Revamped video sizing
  • Better error handling
  • Contextual help on media settings and post edit screen
  • LiveLeak (very experimental, they have no API)

1.2: 2013-01-09

  • Local Videos: mp4, webm, ogg
  • More dynamic user interface
  • Minimized JS and CSS

1.1: 2012-12-16

  • Dailymotion
  • Fixed YouTube time-links
  • Enhanced interaction of Featured Videos & Featured Images

1.0: 2012-12-13

  • Release
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