is a Backbone wrapper library. Focusing to decouple view and manage ui component simply.
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Phalanx Build Status

Phalanx is a Backbone wrapper library. Focusing to decouple view and manage ui component simply.


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##Getting started

###Basic view and component

This is UI component parts.

var LikeBtnComponent = Phalanx.Component.extend({
  // Events are delegated to the View.
  events: {
    'click .js-like': 'doLike'
  // Elements with the data-ui are auto stored when create component instance.
  ui: {
    count: null
  // Increment like count when POST completed.
  doLike: function() {
    $.post('/api/like', {id:}, function() {
      this.$ui.count.text(parseInt(this.$ui.count, 10) + 1);

View that contains multiple components.

var ActivitiesListView = Phalanx.View.extend({
  // Specified name here, will specify as data-component attr in the HTML.
  components: {
    'likeBtn': LikeBtnComponent

var listView = new ActivitiesListView({el: '#js-list'});

This is HTML.

<section id="js-list">
      <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici…</p>

      <!-- Events that have been delegated to occur, creation of component is delayed. -->
      <div data-component="likeBtn">      
        <button class="js-like"><button>
        <span data-ui="count">3</span>

Split the screen, Phalanx.View to manage a certain areas and Phalanx.Component to manage small specific function.

###Declarative listening Component triggering events

Component triggered success event when $.get complete.

var ReadMoreBtnComponent = Phalanx.Component.extend({
  events: {
    'click [data-ui="btn"]': 'onClickBtn'
  onClickBtn: function(evt) {
    var href  = evt.currentTarget.getAttribute('href');

    $.get(href, function(resp) {
      this.trigger('success', resp);

View is listening to success event from ReadMoreBtnComponent.

var ListView = Phalanx.View.extend({
  components: {
    'moreBtn': ReadMoreBtnComponent
  listeners: {
    'success moreBtn': 'renderMore'
  ui {
    list null
  renderMore: function(html) {

var listView = new ListView({el: '#js-list'});

This is HTML.

<section id="js-list">
  <div data-ui="list">
    <div>Item 1</div>
    <div>Item 2</div>
    <div>Item 3</div>
  <p data-component="moreBtn">
    <a href="/api/path/to/list&page=2" data-ui="btn">Read more</a>

Component plays a role in local without knowing of View. To receive the event, in conjunction with result of Component, View updates itself.

###Layout regions and assignment Views

var RootLayout = Phalanx.Layout.extend({
  regions: {
    header : '#js-header',
    content: '#js-content',
    footer : '#js-footer'
  onChange: function(regionName, newView, oldView) {
    // Called when regions view was changed.

var rootLayout = new RootLayout({el: 'body'}),
    currentPage = '';

rootLayout.assign('header',  new HeaderView());
rootLayout.assign('content', new InitialView());
rootLayout.assign('footer',  new FooterView());

window.addEventListener('hashchange', function() {
  if (currentPage === location.hash.slice(1)) {
  currentPage = location.hash.slice(1);

  // When a new View has been assigned, the old View is destroyed automatically.
  switch(currentPage)) {
    case '':
      layout.assign('content', new InitialView());
    case 'feed':
      layout.assign('content', new FeedView());
    case 'home':
      layout.assign('content', new HomeView());
    case 'inbox':
      layout.assign('content', new InboxView());

This is HTML.

  <header id="js-header">
    <!-- HEADER -->
  <div id="js-content">
    <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
  <footer id="js-footer">
    <!-- FOOTER -->

The layout manage the elements in the page, what View have been assigned. Have the role of like a controller.


###Depend Libraries

###Document generator

Generating JavaScript API documents and introspection report.

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install

grunt jsduck
grunt plato

###Automated spec runner

Using mocha test framework with expect.js and sinon.js.

bower install
gem install juicer

brew install phantomjs
npm install -g testem

testem #run specs command (memo)

npm install bower
node_modules/bower/bin/bower install
gem install juicer
npm install
npm test


  • template declaration (assign Function or element's selector)
  • support Component parameter from (DOM attributes | View's model or collection) declaration