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Kubuntu Manual

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 Following this:

To Do list

  • To Do

How it works

The documentation is powered by Sphinx.

Run the following command to install the needed dependencies:


sudo apt install python3-sphinx python3-pip texlive-full && pip3 install sphinx_bootstrap_theme


sudo apt install python3-sphinx python3-pip texlive-full; and pip3 install sphinx_bootstrap_theme

You can see the options for building the documentation by running make help.

How translations work

Documentation is here:

pip3 install sphinx-intl

What you can do

Once you use 'git clone' to copy this repo to your machine you can:

make html - to produce HTML files in build/html
make latexpdf - to produce a PDF file in build/latex
make epub -- to produce a epub file in build/epub

We are aware that the images in the epub are pixely and looking for a fix


To contribute to the Kubuntu Manual, you can either create a pull request on GitHub, or send patch mail to and prefix the subject with [Kubuntu Manual Pull Request].

We take simple fixes like grammar, spelling, translations, and new pages!

For how we format the pages look at RST-Template.rst as a starting point.

Helpful Links::

KDE MediaWiki:


Built HTML from RST with Sphinx:

Written by the Kubuntu Team

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