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This plugin provides a Rundeck ResourceModelSource to YANA. This is also an example of a Resource model script plugin and is implemented as a simple Bash script.


Ensure the following are installed on the Rundeck server (or where you plan to execute this plugin).

  • bash: The plugin uses a bash script implementation.
  • xmlstarlet:


  • Change directory to your working file set
  • Run the make command to produce a Zip suitable for installation.


Put the into your $RDECK_BASE/libext dir.


You can configure the Resource Model Sources for a project either via the RunDeck GUI, under the "Admin" page, or you can modify the file to configure the sources.

See: Resource Model Source Configuration

The provider name is: yana-rundeck-shell-plugin

Here are the configuration properties:

  • url: The base URL to Yana server
  • nodetype: The type name for nodes you want to return.
  • username: The Yana username
  • password: The Yana password