Lightweight Android library to read parts of RSS 2.0 feeds.
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Package: org.mcsoxford.rss License: Apache License Version 2.0 Authors: A. Horn Description: Lightweight Android library to read parts of RSS 2.0 feeds.


Add as a Maven/Gradle dependency:

Fetch the source code with Git:

  git clone

Alternatively, you can download the sources from

To reference the downloaded library from within your Android mobile app, navigate to the /tools/ directory and use the following command:

  android update project \
    --target <target_ID> \
    --path path/to/your/project \
    --library path/to/android-rss

This command appends to the file in your Android project a new android.library.reference property. The value of this new property should be the relative path to the directory which you created when you fetched the Android RSS library source code.

Henceforth, android-rss is compiled when ant builds the app which was specified in the --path argument above.

However, Eclipse does not work using this method because it does not reference anything that is not an Eclipse project. When you try to transform android-rss into an Eclipse project you encounter errors due to the testing directory. To fix these, you have to change the source directory by editing the .classpath file to set /src/main/java as the source folder.

For additional questions, see also the Troubleshooting section below.


Error "android resolve to a path with no file for project":

Android library project documentation:

Eclipse reports the error: "Default target help does not exist in this project"

API Usage

  RSSReader reader = new RSSReader();
  String uri = "";
  RSSFeed feed = reader.load(uri);