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Advent of Code

A repository for the daily Advent of Code challenges, with some utility scripts tossed in.

  1. The new challenge is released at 12am EST!
  2. bin/start
  3. If there's an input file, dump the contents into inputs/YYYY/DD.txt, where YYYY is the challenge year, and DD is the zero-padded challenge date. If your environment has a COOKIE value set, or you have a .session/cookie file with a valid session cookie for the Advent of Code site, this input file will be automatically populated.
  4. Write your solution code in lib/YYYY/DD.rb. Your input file will be available as a String constant named INPUT. Invoke solve! with your solution value(s).
  5. Add specs for any given examples in the challenge description to spec/YYYY/DD_spec.rb, and use those specs to confirm whether or not your solution matches the described behavior.
  6. bin/run

bin/start and bin/run can have an explicit date passed to them, if you need/want to run the code for a different date (e.g., bin/run 2015/02).


Ruby solutions to the Advent of Code daily challenge






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