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fbomb is the dangerous flowdock bot
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fbomb is the dangerous, easily customizable flowdock robot


  ~> ./bin/fbomb setup

    # edit your config

  ~> ./bin/fbomb start

    # now a daemon is running in your flowz, try typing .help in the flow!


after setting the appropriate api tokens and config you'll have a robot running in your flow that does all sorts of irritating stuff. to find out what he does just type .help

there are two sets of built-in commands, system commands

and a bunch of canned ones, most of which actually work ;-)

the dsl for adding commands is super, super simple, you just

  command(:my_command_name) do
    call do |*args|

      speak 'stuff'

      paste 'stuff'


commands can be loaded from a file by putting something like this in your config


  - system
  - builtin
  - ~/.fbomb/commands.rb

the interpolation of these paths is the only sane one

  • realtive to the libdir of the fbomb gem if bare (not starting with ~ or ./ or /)
  • otherwise an expanded path in the fs
  • otherwise a url (yep, it evaluates code from a url - sweet huh?)

in the config above you'll notice the '~/.fbomb' path. by default fbomb keeps all it's state in '~/.fbomb' including it's logs, pid files, config, etc. this is therefore a great place to keep commands on your server. if you gem install fbomb it's the dot directory, and nothing more, you'd probably want in your repo.

in dojo4's we have command to list our people and txt message them. here is a litle example of that custom command(s)

the fbomb tool can be installed with

~> gem install fbomb

and the cli is super well behaved, like all main.rb scripts


# run in debug mode to emulate via stdin/stdout based controls

~> FBOMB_DEBUG=42 fbomb run
# start an iteractive shell in a live flow! 

~> fbomb shell

# use cron to drop shit in your flow 

* 12 * * * * fbomb speak 'time for stand-up bitches!' --tag stand-up



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