relay a gnip publisher stream to another, expanding shortened uris in the process
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  gnip-expander [mode] [options]+

  gnip-expander relays an existing gnip publisher's activites and
  re-publishers a stream with all http/https links published in a shortened
  form (, etc) normalized to their long form.
  gnip-expander attempts to setup a keyword filter on the src publisher but
  does not require the publisher to support keyword filters - if the
  publisher does the entire stream is relayed.
  like all gnip.rb client code gnip-expander expects to find your gnip
  account info configured in ~/.gnip.yml in a file that looks like
    username: gnip-username
    password: gnip-password
  although you can pass this information in using the command line switches
  of course.
  gnip-expander keeps track of successfully relayed buckets in a directory
  (~/.gnip-expander by default).  although you can pass in the starting
  point with the --timestamp switch gnip-expander is quite good at doing
  'the right thing' with respect to which buckets to process.  in general it
  simply processes all unprocessed buckets as quickly as possible and then
  proceeds to process any new bucket as it appears, polling only when all
  buckets are processed and new ones have yet to appear.

  mode (1 ~> mode) 
      one of start|stop|restart|pid for daemon control. all imply --daemon. 
  --timestamp=timestamp, -t (0 ~> time(timestamp)) 
      timestamp to begin relaying activites from 
  --gnip-username=gnip-username (0 ~> gnip-username) 
      you gnip username - default from ~/gnip.yml 
  --gnip-password=gnip-password (0 ~> gnip-password) 
      you gnip password - default from ~/gnip.yml 
  --src-publisher=src-publisher (0 ~> src-publisher=twitter) 
      publisher whose posts we want to expand 
  --daemon, -D 
      run continuously in the background 
  --timeout=timeout (0 ~> integer(timeout=60)) 
      polling interval in daemon mode 
  --basedir=basedir (0 ~> basedir=/Users/ahoward/.gnip-expander) 
      base directory for logs, config, pidfile, etc. 
  --verbosity=verbosity, -v (0 ~> verbosity=info) 
      one of debug(4)|info(3)|warn(2)|error(1)|fatal(0) 
  --help, -h 

  . run at the console in verbose mode
      gnip-expander -v4
  . run in the background in daemon mode
      gnip-expander start && tail -F ~/.gnip-expander/log
  . stop a background daemon
      gnip-expander stop
  . restart a background daemon
      gnip-expander restart
  . report the pid of the background daemon or currently running gnip-expander
      gnip-expander pid