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updated systemu gem to 2.4.0 to play nice with ruby 1.9.3 #8

merged 1 commit into from Nov 2, 2011

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I did two things here.

1 - update to systemu 2.4.0 to avoid warnings from ruby 1.9.3

I was getting...
/Volumes/Code/xxxxx/vendor/ruby/1.9.1/gems/systemu-2.2.0/lib/systemu.rb:29: Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config.

2 - added a Gemfile and .gitignore to make dev/testing easier with Bundler/RVM

ahoward commented on c60fbe8 Nov 2, 2011

kk. pulling.

@ahoward ahoward merged commit 85407b8 into ahoward:master Nov 2, 2011
ahoward commented Nov 2, 2011

thanks so much. 1.5.0 is out.

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