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the community that inspired ahoxus
2020-08-28 03:01:00 -0700
/gallery/2019-07 alentejo community time walk chapel.jpeg
2019-07 alentejo community time walk chapel
2019-07 alentejo community time walk chapel
2019-06 tamera vision
/gallery/2019-06 tamera vision.jpeg
2019-06 tamera vision

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it's really hard to talk about it without getting a bit personal...

there are about 200 people living in around 100 hectares at the desert region of portugal, alentejo. a place built over 40 years.

they have their own school, for their kids, a medical facility, and plenty of structure filled with all humans need for a long and happy life. including easy access to getting out of there for a change. well connected to the rest of the world and neighborhood.

also they have their own language and belief system, which is very hard to grasp. their website captures it very well (good luck understanding it, though...). i (cregox) have personally spent there 3 months and i could see enough to know i saw nothing. and i also know even too many people living there don't know enough about their political theory, which is arguably at its heart.

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i couldn't find 3 of my favourite tamerians in the photos here

in the end, it's just a bunch of people trying their best to look at the whole system of the world today and reinvent everything. as if it was possible to do it from scratch. it isn't. but it's there, clearly worth trying!