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Let's Encrypt With Auto Updater for ISPConfig 3 Single or Multi Server Setup with Debian, Ubuntu or other similar derivatives as the server OS.
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LE4ISPC (Single or Multi Server Setup)

Let's Encrypt With Auto Updater is for ISPConfig 3 (Single or Multi Server Setup) and other services like Postfix+Dovecot, Pure-ftpd, Monit etc. It will automatically create Let's Encrypt for any ISPConfig server hostname FQDN if none exists; and secure its control panel and other services; if they are available and installed. The script is meant for Debian, Ubuntu and other similar derivatives as the server OS.


In your terminal, in root mode, simply run this after you have installed any of your ISPConfig server build:

cd /etc/ssl
chmod +x

Note: You can add "--no-check-certificate" at the end of wget line if it is an issue to you.




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