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protocol camel

Goal is to get a place where we can gather relevant RFCs and drafts, including page numbers, and make graphs of them.

A sample page is live on

How you can help

In various ways:

  • The source file [data/dns-rfc-annotations.json] is known to not list all DNS relevant RFCs
  • Check if your favorite RFCs are listed in the right categories

We currently have files for BGP, DNS and NTP. Please contribute other protocols!


Updating the graphs

Get a fresh copy of rfc-index.xml, and update the relevant rfc-annotations.json file with any fresh documents you find out about:

    curl -Ss > ext/rfc-index.xml 

Then compile and run "./convert" (requires a modern C++ compiler).

    make convert
    ./convert bgp

Then run "python3 bgp", which will require you to have installed matplotlib, pandas. Some guidance is on []

You can replace bgp by any protocol you want, as long as you have put the right source files in the data directory.

Notes on installed python requirements

The following is needed by the Python code.

  $ pip3 install IPython pandas matplotlib scipy seaborn

Notes on installing Boost

The "convert" program uses "boost" libraries. You do not need to compile them; just have them for including.

On most systems boost can be installed easily from packages (typically libboost-dev or boost-devel). If you have no packages and do not want to compile, download the latest version from Boost Downloads and install similar to the following:

    mkdir ~/src ~/src/boost
    cd ~/src/boost
    shasum -a256 ~/Downloads/boost_1_70_0.tar.bz2
    tar xf ~/Downloads/boost_1_70_0.tar.bz2

The "Makefile" has a commented out -I flag to include this library if not installed in the system directories. Remove the '#' to enable it.


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