Automatically generate a unique and url-friendly alias/slug and store it in Mongoose
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Automatically generate a unique and url-friendly alias/slug and store it in Mongoose. For example for posts it's common to generate an alias/slug from the title.


Define your model like this:

var mongoose = require('mongoose'),
    monguurl = require('monguurl');

Post = new mongoose.schema({
  title: { type: String },
  slug: { type: string, index: { unique: true } }

  source: 'title',
  target: 'slug'

mongoose.model('Post', Post);

And then if you for example create a new document like this:

  title: 'This is so Äwesome!'

The slug will be automatically generated and stored in the database:

  "_id": "09876543...",
  "title": "This is so Äwesome!",
  "slug": "this-is-so-awesome"

Create another identical document and it will be stored like this:

  "_id": "09876543...",
  "title": "This is so Äwesome!",
  "slug": "this-is-so-awesome-2"

The ending number will increase to "-100", then it will be "-100-2". This is to avoid ruining intentional numbers such as "It's over 9000" or "A day in 2013". It's unlikely enough that either such a title is repeated or that the same title is used more than a hundred times anyway.

Also note that theoretically this plugin can be used without a source/title, if such behavior is desired. Just set the target field when creating the document and any source will be ignored.

Update: It's now also possible to set a max-length for aliases. Setting monguurl({ length: 40 }) will cut the alias approximately at the space (dash) closest before the limit. If there's no space/dash, the string will be cut off at the limit anyway. The final length might be up to 6 bytes longer to accomodate for appended numbers. The default length is 0, which is unlimited.


  • npm install monguurl --save


  • monguurl(options)
    Creates the mongoose plugin.
    • options.source (string) Path to the field which to generate the alias from.
      Default: 'title'
    • (string) path to the field where the alias should be stored.
      Default: 'alias'
  • urlProof(alias)
    Method used to make a string url-friendly. If you want a different method, just replace it.