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Emacs package to ensure scrolling remains fast
Emacs Lisp
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Ever run into scrolling issues that drive you crazy? (pauses and lag when trying to run through the buffer)

If you have a fair amount of packages and customizations (particularly if they are mode-line / font-lock heavy) then this is the package to help alleviate that a bit for you.

It works by temporarily disabling font-lock and switching to a barebones mode-line, until you stop scrolling (at which point it re-enables).


In your init file add something such as:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/src/elisp/fast-scroll") ; Or wherever you cloned it
(require 'fast-scroll)
;; If you would like to turn on/off other modes, like flycheck, add
;; your own hooks.
(add-hook 'fast-scroll-start-hook (lambda () (flycheck-mode -1)))
(add-hook 'fast-scroll-end-hook (lambda () (flycheck-mode 1)))
(fast-scroll-mode 1)

it will wrap some common scroll commands.

This works really well when you turn up repeat rate in Xorg as well:

xset r rate 250 60


You can adjust the 'throttle' rate (how fast subsequent scroll commands must come in bound) as such:

(setq fast-scroll-throttle 0.5)


Matthew Carter


AGPLv3 or later

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