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NOTE: This is a work in progress!!!! (clearly just getting started)


Hello! This is the start of me putting down what's in my head on testing in a continuous delivery world, my experiences, challenges I still face, and more.

Understanding DevOps and Continuous Delivery (short version, there are a lot of books, articles, blogs on this)

I often hear these used interchangably - but I think it's important to distinguish the two terms.

To me, DevOps is the culture. A state of mind, if you will. When I hear 'DevOps', I think immediately about three things:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Continuous Improvement
  3. Continuous Learning

Continuous Delivery is a piece of the puzzle to become a high performing DevOps organization. If DevOps is about the culture needed to quickly release valuable services to our users, CD is the delivery mechanism to do that.

I like to think about Continuous Delivery as a car driving on a road at night, and see Testing and Monitoring/Alerting (our feedback) as the head lights. We can drive down the road without them, but testing and feedback keep us from going off-road (and potentially wrecking our car!). (credit of this analogy to my colleague, John Yetter!)

So I started on this journey trying to figure out how I can test, and use that feedback as a guiding light.

What are my goals as a tester to help facilitate collaboration (and productivity)

I find it can often be easy to veer off course simply by not remembering the goals I'm trying to achieve. Your goals may be different, but in this section I'll write about what our goals are, how we thought through them, and how the influence our collaboration and backlogs.

What is a strawman, and how does this help me?

How do I use the canvas?

But what about manual testing?

Risk Based Testing

Continuous Deployment vs. Release


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