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Sobol and other statistical scans of the internet

Many projects make scans of the entire internet to count the number of servers for certain protocols, or how these servers behave.

In contrast, this program attempts to not scan the entire internet, but by making use of statistics, arrive at useful numbers with a minimal amount of traffic.

This makes it possible to make frequent statistics without alarming amounts of traffic

Sample plot


Requires a somewhat recent C++ compiler. Then do:

git submodule update --init --recurse

To get two dependencies, and then run make.

Prefixes file

In order to be up to date, the tool needs a list of announced prefixes.

A sample file prefixes is provided in the sample directory. It can also be generated like this from bird if you have a BGP feed:

# birdc show route primary | tail -n +2 | cut -f1 -d" " > prefixes


dnsscan scans a tiny part of the internet for nameservers & open resolvers.

makemap maps the internet.


dnsscan is run like this:

dnsscan samples/prefixes

It then sends out 100,000 packets to random and sub-random internet addresses, and writes out the results to four files:

  • sobplot, Sobol random IP addresses: queries responses response-percentage
  • rndplot, random IP addresses: queries responses response-percentage
  • comboplot, sum of the two files above: queries responses response-percentage
  • oresplot, open resolvers from top-2 scans: queries open-resolvers open-percentage

Making the internet map

makemap reads the prefixes and turns them into a 3D plot in a file called denso. The format of this file is 'first-octet second-octet /24-count'. Every /16 can contain at most 256 /24s.

Sample use:

$ ./makemap sample/prefixes
Have 704562 netmasks
2851277568 IPv4 addresses announced (66.3865%)
Writing data to file 'denso'

$ gnuplot
gnuplot> splot 'denso' u 1:2:3 palette


Statistical scans of the internet



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