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Minimal example on how to setup Spring Boot with Prometheus

What to expect

Run a Spring Boot application an read metrics from JVM and annotated application methods using a Prometheus endpoint.


This is a working example for a minimal Spring-Boot 2.0.x app using

How to Run

To run with maven

mvn compile spring-boot:run

Open http://localhost:8080 to issue calls to be counted and to access the metrics.

Key bits and pieces

  1. Add Micrometer to the projects. Add Actuator starter to let the autoconfiguration create a Prometheus metrics endpoint.

  2. Configure some specifics
    public class MetricsApplicationConfig {
        // as of now, this aspect needs to be created manually, see
        public TimedAspect timedAspect(MeterRegistry registry) {
            return new TimedAspect(registry);
        public MetricsApplicationConfig(PrometheusMeterRegistry prometheusMeterRegistry) {
            // add existing Prometheus modules as needed
            new MemoryPoolsExports().register(prometheusMeterRegistry.getPrometheusRegistry());
            new GarbageCollectorExports().register(prometheusMeterRegistry.getPrometheusRegistry());
            new VersionInfoExports().register(prometheusMeterRegistry.getPrometheusRegistry());
  3. Collect application metrics at specific methods
    @Timed(histogram = true) // customize this to use a histogram
    public String countedCall() throws InterruptedException {
        /* ... */
        return "waited: " + delay + " ms";
    @Timed(value = "doSomething", description = "this is doing something")
    public void doSomething() {"hi");