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Enriched Titles in Mendeley
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Mendeley is a professional references software used for easily managing and handling your references. It makes citing and bibliography in your work very easy.

Unfortunately the Mendeley Desktop software has no possibility to make italics or subscript or other enrichments in the title. This is necessary for many people dealing with especially latin names, such as species names.

This Microsoft Word Visual Basic Script is my work around to this problem. It only requires that you once edit your titles to comply with how the script works.

Supported Enrichments

The scripts can handle several enrichments, all based on the same concept. If you put the specific brackets around some text in your title in the Mendeley software, the script will change it accordingly once you run it:

  • [i]Text[/i] will make the text italics.
  • [b]Text[/b] will make the text bold.
  • [sc]Text[/sc] will make the text SMALLCAPS
  • [up]Text[/up] will make the text superscript
  • [dw]Text[/dw] will make the text subscript
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