My hello-world app for getting familiar with node, express, jade, and redis.
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This is a pretty basic Express app that I built in order to familiarize myself with Express, Node.js, Redis, and a bit of Jade. Nothing ground-breaking here, but it's been fun to play around with.

I use dividers to track how I divide up my time each day. The idea was to store all of the stuff that I do each day, when I do it, and for how long. I'm not sure if there are apps that already do this, but I didn't want to give anyone else this kind of personal information anyway.

Maybe someday I'll write a phone app that uses GPS coordinates and acceleromter information to automatically track how long my commute is, how long I spend sleeping, etc. For now I have to manually fire off each of these events from my computer or phone in order to track them, and it's easy to forget. Lately I've mostly just been tracking commute times, sleep times, and work times. Not sure what I'll do with this data, if anything.