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Set Up Instructions

The following instructions are assuming you will have the SVN Manager at C:\Utilities\SvnManager but actually you can have it wherever you would like. The port is also configurable, but assuming the default of 9664. The appid in step 4 below can also be your own value.

  1. Ensure .NET Framework 4.7 is installed on the server
  2. Create directory at C:\Utilities\SvnManager and paste copied files here
  3. In command prompt, run the following:
cd \Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319 [Press Enter]
installutil C:\Utilities\SvnManager\SvnManager.exe [Press Enter]
  1. Set up SSL on port 9664
  • In command prompt, run:
netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=THUMBPRINT_WITHOUT_SPACES appid={4224ef3d-e052-40c0-a755-d3bafc881ed9}
  1. Create folder at C:\Repositories
  2. Download SVN from:
  3. Update SvnManager.config with appropriate settings
  4. Start the SVN Manager Service:
net start svnmanager

Repositories can now be created at: (default URL) and users can be created at: (default URL)

You will notice it will list existing users and repositories

Currently implemented API Endpoints:

Security Note

There is currently no authentication mechanism built-in. It is strongly recommended that the SVN Manager access be limited in your firewall to approved IP addresses.

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