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Merge pull request #26 from tkf/better-wss-error-for-emacs-23

Better wss error for emacs 23
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ahyatt committed Oct 8, 2012
2 parents b65328c + 297244f commit 0fce282ff01c002509443372fec2279794f89cf4
Showing with 13 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +13 −3 websocket.el
@@ -370,7 +370,12 @@ the frame finishes. If the frame is not completed, return NIL."
;; Error symbols in use by the library
(put 'websocket-unsupported-protocol 'error-conditions
'(error websocket-error websocket-unsupported-protocol))
-(put 'websocket-unsupported-protocol 'error-message "Unsupport websocket protocol")
+(put 'websocket-unsupported-protocol 'error-message "Unsupported websocket protocol")
+(put 'websocket-wss-needs-emacs-24 'error-conditions
+ '(error websocket-error websocket-unsupported-protocol
+ websocket-wss-needs-emacs-24))
+(put 'websocket-wss-needs-emacs-24 'error-message
+ "wss protocol is not supported for Emacs before version 24.")
(put 'websocket-received-error-http-response 'error-conditions
'(error websocket-error websocket-received-error-http-response))
(put 'websocket-received-error-http-response 'error-message
@@ -615,7 +620,12 @@ websocket processing, all of them having the error-condition
`websocket-error' in addition to their own symbol:
`websocket-unsupported-protocol': Data in the error signal is the
-protocol (such as \"wss\") that is unsupported.
+protocol that is unsupported. For example, giving a URL starting
+with http by mistake raises this error.
+`websocket-wss-needs-emacs-24': Trying to connect wss protocol
+using Emacs < 24 raises this error. You can catch this error
+also by `websocket-unsupported-protocol'.
`websocket-received-error-http-response': Data in the error
signal is the integer error number.
@@ -646,7 +656,7 @@ describing the problem with the frame.
(condition-case-no-debug nil
(open-network-stream name buf host port :type type :nowait nil)
- (signal 'websocket-unsupported-protocol "wss")))))
+ (signal 'websocket-wss-needs-emacs-24 "wss")))))
(signal 'websocket-unsupported-protocol (url-type url-struct))))
(websocket (websocket-inner-create
:conn conn

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