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Easing Functions Cheat Sheet

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Easing Functions Cheat Sheet

Simple cheat sheet to help developers pick the right easing function.


GitHub has great instructions on how to set up Git, fork a project and make pull requests. If you have a problem with Git, just send your files directly to


Just copy the i18n/en.yml file to i18n/CODE.yml (where CODE is the lowercased RFC 3066 language code of your target language, for example fr-ca for Canadian French) and translate all messages.


  1. To build the site and test your fix/translation you’ll need to have Ruby and Bundler installed. For example, in a Debian-based (e.g. Ubuntu) environment:

    sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1 ruby1.9.1-dev
    sudo gem1.9.1 install bundler --no-user-install --bindir /usr/bin
  2. Install project dependencies:

    bundle install --path=.bundle
  3. That’s all. Run development server:

    bundle exec rake server
  4. And open localhost:3000 in browser.

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