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Fix format filter in English translation

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1 parent 4bfc6a4 commit 96bc3d383ebc980b8258ad2114801eca1b2d8089 @ai committed
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6 i18n/en.yml
@@ -18,15 +18,15 @@ about: !!format
name: easing name
desc: easing description
- js: !!format
+ js: !!code
jQuery with jQuery Easing Plugin is the easiest way to describe animation
with easing. You need just set easing name to `.animate` method as
third argument or `easing` key.
- sass: !!format
+ sass: !!code
Sass/SCSS help you to describe animation. Compass remove prefixes before
`transition` and `animation` properties and Compass Ceaser plugin allow
to set easing by it name (without Bezier curves).
- css: !!format
+ css: !!code
CSS properties `transition` and `animation` allow you to set easing

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