Fotorama for Ruby on Rails
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Fotorama for Ruby on Rails

Fotorama is a simple, stunning, powerful JavaScript gallery.

This is packager, that allows you to simply install and maintain Fotorama by RubyGem in Rails Assets Pipeline. In development it will use local copy and in production it will use CDN.

Fotorama was created and maintained by Artem Polikarpov.


  1. Add fotoramajs gem to Gemfile:

    gem 'fotoramajs'
  2. Install gems:

    bundle install
  3. Include jQuery in your project. I recommend jquery-cdn or jquery-rails-cdn.

  4. Put include_fotorama after jQuery script tag:

     = include_jquery
     = include_fotorama
  5. Use Fotorama by documentation.


To update original library, you can use rake update task.