Ruby2Jar builds JAR from a Ruby script
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= Ruby2Jar - build JAR from Ruby script

Ruby2Jar builds JAR from a Ruby script. It copies gems, compiles sources
and packages JAR. It is an easy way to distribute your JRuby application or 
create Applet or Java Web Start.

== Installation
Use Gem to download and install Ruby2Jar.

   gem install ruby2jar

You must have Java Development Kit to use JAR builder. Also you should run it 
from JRuby for correct platform in gems.

== Usage
Add task to build JAR in Rakefile:

  require "rubygems"
  require "ruby2jar"
  PKG_NAME = "program"
  PKG_VERSION = "0.1" do |jar|
    jar.files = FileList["lib/**/*", "bin/*"]
    jar.main = "bin/program" = PKG_NAME
    jar.version = PKG_VERSION
    jar.add_dependency "rspec"

== Limitation
In current JRuby version (1.1.2) you can't use Ruby file system functions 
and +__FILE__+ constant in JAR. So didn't use <tt>Dir.glob</tt> to require 
all files in dir or somethink like this.

If program containt Java files it must be in ext/ dir. Source Java files 
without class files will be compiled.

== Gem config
Gem can contain building config <tt>java.yaml</tt> in gem root. Builder will 
find list of exclude file patterns in <tt>jar.exclude</tt> config node.

== License
Ruby2Jar is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.
You can read it in LICENSE file or in .

== Author
Andrey "A.I." Sitnik <>