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If you need help using Salvager, either post to the support thread or email

Reporting Bugs

If you experience an error, please report it as a new Github issue or in the support thread. Please include:

  • Your Salvager version number
  • Your Javascript log
  • A screenshot, if appropriate
  • Your browser and operating system (e.g. "Chrome/Win8" is enough detail)

To get your Javascript log, first open the Javascript console (Ctrl-Shift-J on most browsers). The copy the full contents. If you post on, put the log in "code" BB tags.

Please do not:

  • Redact your log to just the error message. The information I need might be anywhere.
  • Post bug reports as reviews in the Chrome store. You're certainly encouraged to post a review, but I can't respond to reviews to provide assistance.

Feature Requests

Feature Requests are welcomed. Please post them in the support thread.

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