Contest Participation Eligibility

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This page attempts to define who is an is not eligible to participate in the contest. To begin, some definitions:

  • Contest Administrator: also known as "admins", these are people who have privileged access to the contest systems. This includes official contest organizers, people with shell access on the main contest servers, forum administrators, and members of the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club Systems Committee. To be clear, this does not include forum moderators, committers, contributors or employees of the sponsor.
  • Committer: people who are able to commit changes to the open-source code repository.
  • Contributor: people who have contributed code to the open-source code repository, but do not have commit access.

Everybody is eligible to participate in the contest, except contest administrators.

In the past, committers and contributors were not permitted to compete, since the software that operated the contest was closed-source. The justification for this exclusion was that committers and contributors had advance knowledge of details relating to upcoming contests, which was not available to most contestants even in principle.

Since the software that operates the contest has become open-source, changes to the source code are published instantly. Committers and contributors do not have information that is unavailable to the rest of the contestants. Committers and contributors are usually also contestants themselves, and are selflessly donating their time to improve the contest for the benefit of all. It would be a crying shame to leave bugs unfixed and high-demand features unbuilt, when there are contestants willing to build them.