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Releases: aichaos/rivescript-java

0.11.0 - August 6, 2019

06 Aug 13:57
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  • Changes:
    • Add loadInputStream() method (#59).
    • Fix for data loss occuring when variable contains = (#55).
    • Upgraded build environment to latest Gradle 5.5.1 version.

0.10.0 - August 30, 2017

30 Aug 20:43
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This update focuses on new features and improvements.

  • Changes:
    • Huge performance improvement in StringUtils.quoteMetacharacters(str) (#52).
    • Add method getVariables() to get all variables (#51).
    • Add method getTopics() to return all topics (#47).
    • Add ability to set a default (brain-wide) concat flag (#46).

0.9.2 - March 19, 2017

19 Mar 21:45
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This update focuses on bug fixes.

  • Changes:
    • Fix for not able to get JavaScript ScriptEngine in Google App Engine
      local devserver using new ScriptEngineManager().getEngineByName(engineName).
      Fallback mechanism added to use
      new ScriptEngineManager(null).getEngineByName(engineName) (#44).

0.9.1 - March 7, 2017

07 Mar 12:24
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This update focuses on bug fixes.

  • API Breaking Changes:

    • Remove java.nio.file.Path reference and subsequently also the
      RiveScript#loadDirectory(Path path, String... extensions) and
      RiveScript#loadFile(Path path) methods as they caused issues
      on Adroid. (#43).
  • Changes:

    • Fix for object caller regexp processing internal {__call__}
      tags. The closing curly brackets were not escaped (#43).

0.9.0 - March 3, 2017

03 Mar 23:14
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This update focuses on new features and bug fixes.

  • API Breaking Changes:

    • The load and call methods of the ObjectHandler interface now
      require the RiveScript instance as an additional (first) argument.
  • Changes:

    • Add RiveScript Spring Boot Starter module (#34).
      A dedicated RiveScript Spring Boot Starter sample is available under
      /samples/spring-bootstarter-rsbot for reference.
    • Add JSR-223 Scripting ObjectHandler to support object macros written in
      any JSR-223 compliant scripting language. The rivescript-core distro
      comes bundled with out-of-the-box support for JavaScript, Groovy and Ruby
      object macros using the general Jsr223ScriptingHandler.
      This Jsr223ScriptingHandler can also be used to easily implement other
      programming languages which are supported by the JSR-223 Scripting API.
      Developers should manually add the appropriate Groovy or Ruby dependencies
      to their projects if they want to use the GroovyHandler or RubyHandler.
      For the JavaScriptHandler no external dependency is needed. (#32, #36)
    • Fix for removeHandler() causing a ConcurrentModificationException.
    • Fix for making wildcards in optionals not matchable (#42).
    • Add static constants for custom error message keys.
    • Add static constant for "undefined" string (#41).
    • Reorganize tests in proper separation of unit and integration tests (#38).

0.8.1 - February 20, 2017

20 Feb 12:11
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This update focuses on bug fixes.

  • Changes:
    • Fix for String#split() returning trailing empty string on Google AppEngine
    • Fix for NullPointerException being thrown in case Subroutine or
      ObjectHandler returned null (#40).
    • Fix for object macros to support quoted strings come in as one arg
      regardless of spaces (#40). Typical use case:
      • <call>object_name "a b"</call> will call the macro with a single arg
        ["a b"].
      • <call>object_name "a b" c d</call> will call the macro with 3 args
        ["a b", "c", "d"].
      • <call>object_name "<get name>"</call> will call the macro with a single
        arg containing the value from the user var.
        Note <call>object_name <get name></call> would call the macro with
        multiple args in case the user var value would contain spaces.

0.8.0 - February 14, 2017

14 Feb 08:28
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This update focuses on new features and huge code refactoring / reorganization.
The rivescript-java implementations has been aligned with the rivescript-go

  • API Breaking Changes:
    • Removed RiveScript(boolean debug) constructor in favour of
      RiveScript(Config config) constructor .
    • The RiveScript instance has no notion of debug mode anymore.
      Debug logging is now based on the SLF4J configuration.
    • Refactored com.rivescript.ObjectMacro to com.rivescript.macro.Subroutine.
    • Renamed ObjectHandler methods from onLoad, onCall to respectively
      load and call. Also the setClass method has been removed.
    • The org.json dependency is now a optional dependency.
      Developers using Perl object macros must include this org.json dependency
      manually to their projects.
  • Changes:
    • Replace System.out logging by using the SLF4J API.
    • Add Unicode support (#30, #31).
    • Add new forceCase config option, which will force-lowercase your triggers
      during parse time, enabling authors to use uppercase letters in triggers
      without it being a syntax error. Do note however that Unicode case folding
      can become an issue with certain symbols.
    • Add customizable error messages config option.
    • Add throw exceptions config option, which will make the bot throw (runtime)
      exceptions (e.g. DeepRecursionException, ReplyNotFoundException)
      in case of an error instead of just replying with an error message.
      When enabled, developers should catch these exceptions and take the
      appropriate actions.
    • The RiveScript constructor now accepts a Config object to configure
      the RiveScript instance. Also a developer Config.Builder is available.
    • Add support for pluggable session stores for user variables. The default
      one still keeps user variables in memory, but you can specify your own
      implementation instead (#33).
    • Add RiveScript shell to quickly demo and test a RiveScript bot.
      See com.rivescript.cmd.Shell.
    • Separated the Parser which can now be used independently.
      The parser returns a Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) identical to the
      rivescript-go parser. It enables third party developers to write
      applications that simply parse RiveScript code and getting an AST from it.
    • Add option to load RiveScript source code from a or
    • Fix for sorting %Previous triggers (#9).

0.7.2 - January 17, 2017

17 Jan 22:55
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  • 0.7.2 January 17 2017
    • Fix to make the RiveScript thread safe using a a ThreadLocal to store
      the current user. (#18).
    • Add support for escaping _ (underscores) in triggers.

0.7.1 - January 9, 2017

09 Jan 22:33
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  • 0.7.1 January 9 2017
    • Fix for arrays in replies (e.g. (@greek)) not being converted to
      randomized sets (bug #26).
    • Fix trigger regexp processing so that if a {weight} tag contains a
      space before or after it (or: a space between {weight} and the rest
      of the trigger text), the spaces are also stripped so that matching
      isn't broken for that trigger (bug #29).
    • Fix to support embedded tags in replies (bug #28).
    • Fix for list of stars which were growing incorrectly by multiple
      calls to processTags() (#19).
    • Fix to avoid adding null stars while harvesting the stars (#20).
    • Fix for moving the no-{inherits} triggers to the bottom of the stack
      when sorting the triggers (#8).

0.7.0 - December 22, 2016

22 Dec 08:46
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  • 0.7.0 December 22 2016
    • Refactored project setup to allow separate module.
    • Switched to Gradle as build tool.