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These directories include example snippets for how to do various things with RiveScript-js.

RiveScript Example

  • brain - The standard default RiveScript brain (.rive files) that implements an Eliza-like bot with added triggers to demonstrate other features of RiveScript.

Client Examples

  • web-client - Demonstrates embedding a RiveScript bot into a web page (i.e. to be served through a web server like Apache or nginx).
  • json-server - A minimal ExpressJS web server that makes a RiveScript bot available at a JSON POST endpoint.
  • telnet-server - A simple telnet server that listens on port 2001 and chats with connected users. It's like the shell.js except over a TCP socket.
  • slack-bot - Example of connecting a RiveScript bot to the Slack chat platform.

External Examples

  • hubot-rivescript - A Hubot script that lets you use RiveScript to reply to arbitrary messages sent to your Hubot.

Code Snippets

  • persistence - Demonstrates persistence for user variables; the bot can be shut down and restarted and it can remember where it left off with its users.
  • reply-async - Demonstrates using the replyAsync() method and a JavaScript object macro that returns a promise.
  • second-reply - Demonstrates a JavaScript object macro in RiveScript that sends a second reply to the user at some point in the future, separately from the initially requested reply.
  • scope - Demonstrates the usage of the scope parameter to the reply() function for passing the parent scope down into JavaScript object macros.
  • deparse - Additional documentation on how the deparse() function is used and its data format.
  • coffeescript - Example of using the rivescript-contrib-coffeescript module to enable CoffeeScript language for object macros.
  • router - Example of using the RiveScript engine in a "router" style way (in the web application sense of the term), mapping triggers directly to JavaScript handlers without writing RiveScript boilerplate for each mapping.