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Slack Bot Example

This is an example chatbot for the Slack chat platform. It can be invited to channels, it responds to people who @mention it, it responds to messages that begin with its name, and it can chat one-on-one in direct message sessions.


You need to get a Slack Auth Token for the bot first. You can get one by going to the following URL (substitute <slack_name> with your Slack team's name):


After creating the bot, edit config.js and put in the bot's Auth Token.


# First, build the JavaScript library from the CoffeeScript code. Run this from
# the root of the rivescript-js project:
$ grunt

# Then, from the slack-bot folder, install the Slackbot's dependencies and run
# the bot.
$ cd eg/slack-bot/
$ npm install
$ node slack-bot.js
[Wed Sep 23 2015 12:00:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)] INFO Connecting...
Welcome to Slack. You are admiral of YourSlackOrg

The bot should come online in Slack. You can test it by sending a direct message, by @mentioning it in a channel it's participating in, or by starting a message with the bot's name (by default, "admiral").