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@kirsle kirsle released this Aug 26, 2016


2.0.3 Aug 26 2016

  • Fix inline comment regexp that was making URLs impossible to represent
    in replies.
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@kirsle kirsle released this Jan 12, 2016


2.0.2 Jan 11 2016

  • Fix typo in changelog.

2.0.1 Jan 11 2016

  • When formatting a user's message, consolidate multiple consecutive spaces
    down to one.
  • Apply downstream Debian patch that fixes a typo in RiveScript::WD.
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@kirsle kirsle released this Dec 28, 2015


2.0.0 Dec 28 2015

  • Switch from old-style floating point version number notation to dotted
    decimal notation. This bumps the version number to 2.0.0 because the next
    dotted-decimal version greater than 1.42 (v1.420.0) is v1.421.0 and
    I don't like having that many digits in the version number. This release is
    simply a version update; no breaking API changes were introduced.
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@kirsle kirsle released this Nov 20, 2015


1.42 Nov 20 2015

  • Add configurable unicode_punctuation attribute to strip out punctuation when running in UTF-8 mode.
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@kirsle kirsle released this Oct 11, 2015


1.40 Oct 10 2015

  • Fix the regexp used when matching optionals so that the triggers don't match
    on inputs where they shouldn't. (RiveScript-JS issue #46)
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@kirsle kirsle released this Jul 21, 2015


  • New algorithm for handling variable tags (<get>, <set>, <add>, <sub>,
    <mult>, <div>, <bot> and <env>) that allows for iterative nesting of these
    tags (for example, <set copy=<get orig>> will work now).
  • Fix trigger sorting so that triggers with matching word counts are sorted
    by length descending.
  • Add support for ! local concat option to override concatenation mode
    (file scoped)
  • Bugfix where Perl object macros set via setSubroutine() failed to load
    because they were missing a programming language internally.
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@kirsle kirsle released this Nov 26, 2014 version 1.36, the first version released under the MIT License.

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