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A data analysis of public tweets in Saskatchewan
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Pulse YXE

Pulse YXE is a data analysis of Saskatoon tweets using Python.

New Features!

  • The data analysis part of the project is now in a nice readable Jupyter Notebook. Hooray!
  • The datamining python script is now separated from the analysis portion

To view the online notebook

You can view the Jupyter Notebook that details the analytics done on the dataset from here.

Package Dependencies

Pulse YXE uses a number of packages to work properly:

  • JSONpickle - for dealing with JSON files
  • Tweepy - a Python wrapper for the Twitter API
  • Pandas - the premier Python data analysis library
  • Nltk - Python's natural language toolkit to determine trends in tweets
  • Vincent - cool graphics library for making graphs
  • Jupyter Notebook - a nice browser-based IDE for Python code
  • Python - duh

And of course Pulse YXE itself is open source with a public repository on GitHub. (This document!)


Pulse YXE is developed in Python 3.6. For development, install the dependencies:

$ cd pulse-yxe
$ pip install jsonpickle
$ pip install tweepy
$ pip install pandas
$ pip install nltk
$ pip install vincent
$ pip install jupyter


  • Polish the code
  • Finish the remaining data insights
  • Deliver an awesome presentation



Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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