Twitter Stream Aggregator and big data analysis using node.js, and HDInsight on Windows Azure
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HDInsight Client
Tweet Aggregator
Web GLobe Vizualizer


A node.js twitter stream aggregator and Hadoop file processor.

Basic Usage

Specify the key words/ hash tags you want to aggregate from the twitter streaming API

var watchList = ['#nye', '#newyearseve', '#newyear' , '#newyears','#happynewyear', 'new year'];

Specify a temporary folder location to store all tweets

var RotatingLog = require('rotating-log')
,   logfile     = 'Z:/Downloads-2/Tweets/nye.log'
,   log         = RotatingLog(logfile, {keep:200, maxsize:20000000}) // 20MB in size

Ingest and Aggregate the tweets into Hapdoop Distribution (HDInsight) , aggregate by geo -location

Generate a JSON file of the output to visualize using Google Chromes Web GL Globe project


  • node.js
  • HIVE & HDInsight ( Hadoop distribution on Windows Azure)
  • C#.NET to submit jobs to Hive
  • Chrome Experiments - WebGL Globe

More Info