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DefenseTech for Minecraft 1.7.10

Official Website

Source code. More information can be found on the mod's forum post.


DefenseTech is a Minecraft add-on featuring high-tech weaponry and defense technologies, including missiles, devastating explosives, and other nifty gadgets. The mod serves as a continuation of Calclavia's classic mod 'ICBM.'

Modpacks, websites, reviews, or anything else

Some people really don't like others to review or distribute their mods, something which I honestly don't understand. You are the ones who help get this mod into the Minecraft community's hands, which seems like a good thing from my perspective. So go ahead, do whatever you like. I honestly just don't want you messaging me on IRC or on the forums, asking my permission. If you need proof, provide a link to this page, or give them information on the MIT license.


DefenseTech is a bit tricky in its licensing nature. The skeleton of the mod is based on the 1.6.4 version of Calclavia’s ICBM mod, which was passed onto DarkGuardsman through an agreement made back in 2014. I am permitted to develop and distribute this software as per special terms laid upon me by DarkGuardsman, and as a result, any requests to modify and publicly distribute this source code will have to go through him. Note that this is temporary, and only until I have rewritten most or all of the old mod’s source code.

Copyright © 2016 Aidan Brady

Developers & Credits

Lead Developer: aidancbrady

ICBM Developers: DarkGuardsman, Calclavia


Missiles and high-tech explosives: Calclavia's work continued.



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