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bernierm xeroxyde

IT student in software engineering and system administration.

digitalbutterfly France

George Witt ElectricGeorge

I'm a 15 year old, who loves to run, play piano, build circuits, code, and tinker with my PC.

@ElectronSoftware United States

Pierre Guthauser PieerotGG

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can...

VandP Paris

Jindřich Veselý GravelCZLP

Hi, i am GravelCZLP, probably known for developing @Limeth´s abandoned minecraft minigame "Breakpoint"

Czech Republic

Henry henry232323

I like to program in Python in my spare time

Student 10 Downing Strret, London SW1A 2AA, UK

Matthew Kaufer mjkaufer

Georgia Tech, 2020 Washington, DC

Jude Southworth JellyWX

jk guys

Stilio Websites Manchester, UK

Matt White remus32

Hammersmith, London

Jakub Rohla freemanovec

Java (Minecraft Forge) C# (.NET WPF, Unity3D)

Czech Republic

Kitten InsomniaKitten

I'm just here to correct everyone's English and make their textures look better™ ~They/them/she/her~ United Kingdom

Hendrik ACGaming

Mostly doing localization


Supernova Industries SupernovaCo

Supernova Industries Suborbit above the US

Milo Rupp badtzmaru

Student at Puget Sound Community School, Washington

Washington, USA

Ali UmutAlihan


Istanbul, Turkey

░▒▓█│【Walkman】│█▓▒░ Walkman100

░▒▓█│DotNet developer│█▓▒░ Please see for a list of my projects, GitHub's repo list is sorted by updated time :disappointed:

░▒▓█│Public Domain│█▓▒░ ░▒▓█│South Africa│█▓▒░

Thomas Jinwoo Min yeoupooh

Indivisual Developer Seoul, Korea

Isabella Garcia-Camargo isabellagc

Stanford freshman juggling rowing and coding and life.

Ryan rbrick

I love Golang

@FrozenOrb The Final Frontier

shauncjones shauncjones

Freelancer Texas, United States of America