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Schrödinger's Tcl

It was obvious when I read!topic/comp.lang.tcl/pvd2WJTPerA that the one thing missing from Tcl was a way of making return values differ depending on whether you look at them.

So schrotcl demonstrates a way of returning a different value from a C command in Tcl depending on whether Tcl is actually going to process the value in any way, or whether it's going to go straight to the REPL output!

In short, let's try and make these two calls print different things:

% puts [schro]
% schro

(obviously this is a terrible idea)


$ git clone
$ cd schrotcl
schrotcl $ make prep # needed once only
schrotcl $ $(make env) # whenever you open a new terminal
schrotcl $ make # whenever you make changes
schrotcl $ tclsh8.6
% load
% set x [schro]
% puts [schro]
% proc p {} {schro}
% p
% puts [p]
% eval schro
% schro


This is somewhat interesting. You can't use frames to differentiate between puts [schro] and schro, as they're both in the same frame. In fact, in the general case for a programming language, this is impossible - it would depend on using an oracle to predict what's going to happen to the value you return.

Happily, in Tcl we can cheat! There are three vital points - 1. Tcl compiles lines passed into the repl to bytecode, 2. Tcl bytecode is a stack machine and 3. Tcl has a pointer to the current execution location in the bytecode (note that point 1 only became true in Tcl 8.6 (I believe) so this code won't work before then).

Using these three pieces of information we can dig up the bytecode and see if the next thing Tcl does with the value is return it - if so, and we're at the top level of the stack and there are no recursive evals, we're returning to something wrapping Tcl - probably the REPL!