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aws_sdk Build Status

aws_sdk is a Nim library for interacting with Amazon Web Services.

Current status

aws_sdk is still a very much work in progress. Right now it is just the bare essentials: request signing. All AWS operations require authenticated HTTP calls - this library calculates the necessary header values.

It is planned to incorporate a library of functions that cover all the services provided by AWS - making the most of Nim's rich type-system and language features.


import aws_sdk/credentials
import aws_sdk/request
import aws_sdk/http

let payload = ""
let payloadHash = sphHash[SHA256](payload)
# special header required by S3
let headers = toTable({ "x-amz-content-sha256": hexify(payloadHash) })

# T in AwsRequest[T] can also be a StringTableRef
let req = AwsRequest[Table[string, string]](
  httpMethod: "GET",
  uri: parseUri(""),
  headers: headers,
  payloadHash: payloadHash

# initAwsCredentialsFromEnv(): AwsCredentials is also available
let credentials = AwsCredentials(
  accessKeyId: "AKIDEXAMPLE",

let resp = request(req, creds)
echo resp # <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><ListAllMyBucketsResult xmlns="http://s3...