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Speedtest to InfluxDB

This is a small Python script that will continuously run the Speedtest CLI application by Ookla, reformat the data output and forward it on to an InfluxDB database.

You may want to do this so that you can track your internet connections consistency over time. Using Grafana you can view and explore this data easily.

Grafana Dashboard

Using the script

Adjust the InfluxDB connection settings at the top of to fit your setup and then run with one of the options listed below.

Be aware that this script will automatically accept the license and GDPR statement so that it can run non-interactively. Make sure you agree with them before running.

1. No Container

  1. Install the Speedtest CLI application by Ookla.

    NOTE: The speedtest-cli package in distro repositories is an unofficial client. It will need to be uninstalled before installing the Ookla Speedtest CLI application with the directions on their website.

  2. Install the InfluxDB client for library from Python.

    pip3 install influxdb

  3. Run the script.

    python3 ./

2. Run with Docker or Podman

  1. Build the container.

    docker build -t aidengilmartin/speedtest-influx ./

  2. Run the container.

    docker run -d --name speedtest-influx aidengilmartin/speedtest-influx

  3. Run the full stack with docker-compose

    In the docker_env/ folder you can edit the environment variables of the docker container (see below, grafana and influx).

    docker-compose up -d

    Login to the Grafana Dashboard (admin/admin) and create a datasource.

    • Type: InfluxDB
    • Name: speedtests
    • HTTP - URL: http://influxdb:8086
    • InfluxDB Details - Database: speedtest_db
    • InfluxDB Details - User: db_username
    • InfluxDB Details - Password: db_password

    Import the grafana_dashboard_template.json template as a new dashboard.

Environment Variables

Use OS or Docker environmet variables to configure the program run.

Example: docker run -d --env DB_ADDRESS= influx_db --env TEST_INTERVAL=120 --name speedtest-influx aidengilmartin/speedtest-influx

InfluxDB Settings

Variable Default Value Informations
DB_ADDRESS FQDN of InfluxDB Server
DB_PORT 8086 Port Number of InfluxDB Server
DB_USER db_username InfluxDB user name
DB_PASSWORD db_password InfluxDB password
DB_DATABASE speedtest_db InfluxDB database name
DB_RETRY_INVERVAL 60 Time before retrying a failed data upload.

Speedtest Settings

Variable Default Value Informations
TEST_INTERVAL 1800 Time between tests (in seconds).
TEST_FAIL_INTERVAL 60 Time before retrying a failed Speedtest (in seconds).

Loglevel Settings

Variable Default Value Informations
PRINT_DATA False Print Test Data in Log (True or False)


Script to periodically run the Speedtest CLI application by Ookla and post results to InfluxDB.








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