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Tocc Extension for Nemo and Nautilus file browsers

This project provides an extension for Nemo and Nautilus file browsers, to let you use Tocc File Management more easily.

To learn more about Tocc itself, take a look at its website:

Install Nemo Extension


libnemo-extension liborbit2 libgtk

Usually, all you need is to install three packages called libnemo-extension-dev, liborbit2-dev and libgtk2.0-dev. (Or maybe -devel instead of -dev.)

Then, go to src/nemo-extension directory. Then run ./bootstrap, then ./configure, make, make install.

Install Nautilus Extension


libnautilus-extension liborbit2 libgtk

Go to src/nautilus-extension, and run `./bootstrap, then./configure``, ``make``, ``make install``.

Non-standard Extensions Directory

Sometimes, you may need to install extension somewhere else. But default, the make script asks pkg-config that where is extension directory, and install extension there.

If you want to provide another directory, use ./configure --with_nemo_extension_dir=/another/dir/, or ./configure --with_nautilus_extension_dir=/another/dir/, depending on which extension you're building.