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Malaysian ipay88 woocommerce payment gateway plugin
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ipay88 woocommerce payment gateway


woocommerce payment setting

ipay88 woocommerce payment setting

create page and set payment as template

template on page

Coming Soon (im not sure when i had time for this)

  1. Remove custom template and change to custom URL instead.
  2. Record transaction in database and create admin page for it.

2 Way to get the plugin (choose one)

  1. Download and install from your admin. or from wordpress repo
  2. Download this repo as zip and upload all the contents of this repo to the plugins folder and its good to go (dont forget to activate the plugin first)

You could also download this repo as ZIP file and upload it from wp-admin (if you dont want to use the wordpress plugins repo)

  1. upload plugin [using ftp or zip]
  2. activate plugin
  3. go to pages and create new page.
  4. the new page let it be blank and choose "Payment" template
  5. go to your woocommerce checkout settings
  6. Happy selling!

Most recomended way to install, (trough the wordpress plugins directory search)

search for aics ipay88 woocommerce in the add plugin page inside admin

installing from wordpress plugins search page

developer: Hamizulfaiz

Backend URL support

ipay88 now requires merchant to have backend URL. we have included it on the plugin. it needs to be enable/disable from the settings.

Hamizulfaiz is a Malaysian based web developer resides in Kuala Lumpur.

forks and suggestions are appreciated!, feel free to create issues if you found bug

This plugin created just to help online entrepreneurs using wordpress woocommerce out there to enable ipay88 to their site. This plugin is created on 13 April 2016 By: AiFAiZ . We hardly find people do this and it is hard to google. Hope this help!

buy me a coffee? : buy coffee for me

p/s : we are not associated with ipay88. Code are developed from scratch and after googling for wordpress codex.

feel free to open issue here

Donate to me for the future of the plugin development donate to me

credits to:

  1. Bootstrap used for layout
  2. WPEXPLORER used to create custom page template to process payment
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