The PROBE planner
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PROBE: a planner for the Sequential, Satisficing track of IPC-7

N. Lipovetzky, H. Geffner Barcelona, 20th Jan 2011


  1. Some notes on building & PDDL support
  2. Running the planner
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Questions and Feedback


PROBE sources have been written in C++ compliant with g++ 4.4.3. The planner just won't compile under g++ 3.x or g++ 4.0 due to some changes made to the usage of the 'typename' keyword and handling of inline friend functions (at the very least). We earnestly recommend to upgrade your system with g++ 4.4.3 rather than modifying PROBE sources.

PROBE uses Metric-FF distribution (with some slight tweaking) for parsing and grounding the problem specification in PDDL. Therefore PROBE supports all of PDDL features bar conditional effects. PROBE behavior on problem specifications featuring CE will be pretty random, due to the implementation of h_2, which is not implemented for CE. PROBE reuses the code of C^3.

The modified sources for Metric-FF can be found in folder ./src/parser-ff The PDDL parser can be built, out-of-the box, with bison 2.3 and flex 2.5.33.

Before compiling, make sure that your system has

   scons (

an alternative tool to makefiles.

To compile the code on a standard Unix-ish system, just run "build" in this directory to build the C++ components of the planner:

# ./build

The executable will be placed in the root folder.


To run the planner, you can use the script "plan" in this directory with the following arguments:

# ./plan <domain_path> <problem_path> <result_path>

This script contain the settings used for PROBE in IPC-7

To run another configuration of the planner use it in the following way:

Usage: ./probe -d -i -o [-axvp|-g:1]

Mandatory parameters: -d Domain specification in PDDL 2.1 -i Instance specification in PDDL 2.1 -o Filename to write solutions

Optional parameters: -a Anytime Search Mode ON (default is OFF) -x Disjunctive Facts Mode ON (default is OFF) -v Verbose Mode ON (default is OFF) -p Generate Precedence Graph, DOT format (default is OFF) -g Debugging - Stop execution when some process step completes: 1 PDDL parsing, ADL -> STRIPS, and preprocessing finishes


Please feel free to e-mail us at if you have any questions, encounter bugs, or would like to discuss any issues regarding the planner.

A description of PROBE can be found in "Searching for Plans with Carefully Designed Probes", ICAPS-11.


We would like to thank Jörg Hoffmann for making available Metric-FF sources, Miquel Ramirez who participated writing the code of C^3, and Emil Keyder for making available the sources for WA* with multiple open lists and Landmarks extraction.