Framework for THE RESISTANCE board & card game, with various AI bots.
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Python framework for THE RESISTANCE board & card game, along with various AI bots submitted for the 2012 competition at the Game/AI Conference.

Build Status

Building Bots

To create your own bot, the best places to start are the following:

  1. Interface — The API you must implement is located in, specifically a class called Bot.
  2. Examples — To find samples to learn from, see bots/ for some default behaviors.

Basically, you must implement functions for each of the key decisions the bot has to make in the game (e.g. select, vote or sabotage), and then have the option of overriding callback functions to get additional information (e.g. onMissionComplete).

Each bot also has a data-structure that stores information about the game itself. The class this refers to is State at the top of — which you should consult for details.

Running Competitions

If you want to quickly stress test the code and evaluate performance, you can run long competitions of thousands of games. This is done via the script in the root of the repository.

Launch a competition with bots from a relative path as follows:

> python 1000 bots/

Run a competition from a python module, assuming the path is set:

> PYTHONPATH=bots python 1000 beginners.Hippie beginners.Paranoid

These standalone competitions run without dependencies, and also run with PyPy for additional performance.


The script outputs ranking tables with scores for resistance and spies separately as percentage of wins, then below they are combined. The two vote columns track correct up-votes and correct down-votes, depending on whether it's spy or or resistance. The voted column shows how often others supported a team including this player. The selected column shown how often the player was selected, and selection tracks the picking of teams with or without spies (depending on role).

Interactive Play on IRC

If you want to interact with your bot for fun or testing, you can do this via Internet Relay Chat and the two scripts called (to launch your bot) and (to coordinate games).

Running interactive text-based games requires some dependencies, in particular for networking and IRC connection:

> pip install twisted

Then you can run your bots by specifying them on the command-line, until you press CTRL+C:

> python bots/ --server=localhost

To interact with them via IRC, connect your own IRC client and join the #resistance channel there. You should see the bots listed in the users there.

If there's no master/moderator, another bot usually called aigamedev also visible in the user list, you'll need to launch it as follows:

> python --server=localhost

After this, you can launch a game within IRC by typing a message into the #resistance channel:

[alexjc]    PLAY alexjc, Hippie, Paranoid, Deceiver, Random.
[aigamedev] PLAYING alexjc Hippie Paranoid Deceiver Random!

Then you can follow the instructions within your IRC client to play the game itself.