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LaTeX Template and Teaching website project

This was a summer project after my first year at the University of Cambridge. I have not maintained these templates for a long time, so expect because because of new package versions.

However, I will do my best to update them, but it might take a while.

What should be included

* cls, sty and bib files for
    Part III, GPGS, MPhil and PhD Thesis LaTeX templates
* common journal cls and sty and bib files.
* template for CV

List of Journals covered

* All ACS (American Chemistry Soc) journals
* All NPG (Nature Publication Group) journals
* Wiley VCH journals (Angew Chem, etc)
* Science journals
* PNAS journals
* RSC journals

Thesis writing

* Include the templates for the journals

Report (CPGS, PtIII) writing

* Report writing
    Template from CUED website
* fix the template from Eric to make the code better.