Table of Contents

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  • What is legislative data?
  • Why legislative data?
  • Legislative Data, the movie vision
  • Legislative Data, a historical perspective
    • Origins
    • Evolution of Legal traditions
  • Legislative Data, the technology
  • Scope: what's in and what's out
    • In: Laws, bills, Congressional Records, Regulations, Court Opinions
    • Out: Legal briefs, FDA Nutrition Labeling
    • Neither Out Nor In: Committee Reports, Agency Opinion Letters
  • Data Formats: XML, HTML, JSON (oh my)
  • Data Standards
    • Formal standards
    • Practical standards
  • Beyond Data
    • Linking References
    • Point-in-Time Law
    • Ontologies
    • Validation, Verification, and Authentication
  • Internationalization
    • Multilingual solutions
  • Best Practices
    • Drafting
    • Amending
    • Consolidation & Compilation
    • Publishing
  • Wherein You Participate in Creating Open Legislative Data Standards and Making the Lawmaking Process More Transparent, Democratic and Efficient
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